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Let our experience work for you. When it comes to engineering solutions that work, we have the expertise to tackle the toughest challenges.  Before starting Titan, our principal engineer, Thomas Dyer, P.E., developed and participated in a wide variety of complex projects, a few of which are demonstrated below. 
From structural analysis and foundations to transportation, infrastructure design, and more, we have the knowledge to provide a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach to your project.
Jackson Barracks Multi-Use Facility
Structural Design


The Jackson Barracks Multi-Use Facility was designed for the Louisiana National Guard. The building is home to a military museum, and a 300-foot theater with a central courtyard. The building was designed using sustainable materials and high-efficiency building systems. Thomas designed the structural system with hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel. The structural supports were designed to accommodate large model aircraft with a supportive foundation capable of having a military tank drive over it.

Fiddler's Creek Residential Site Plan
Infrastructure Design, Transportation, Hydrology


Fiddler's Creek is a 4,000-acre residential development in Southwest Florida. The community incorporates multiple golf courses and artificial lakes into a sprawling, modern luxury community. Our principal engineer was responsible for designing major components of the infrastructure including underground potable water systems, irrigation and sewer-force mains. In addition, he helped to design roadways, storm drainage systems, and artificial lakes laying the framework for builders and developers to construct the luxury homes intended for the neighborhood.




City Park Administration Building
Structural Design, Foundation, Utility Services, Paving and Drainage


New Orleans' City Park took a hard hit during Hurricane Katrina. The Park's administration building was destroyed and it's employees needed a new facility to conduct daily functions. The City Park Administration Building was designed using LEED practices. LEED is a green building certification program promoting renewable, green energy. As the lead engineer for the project, Thomas designed the structural components of the building and foundation, provided LEED storm drainage, and re-routed service connections for all necessary utilities.




Muses Apartment Complex
Structural Design, Foundation, Paving and Drainage

The Muses Apartment Complex is a four-story, 263-unit complex built using

timber and masonry construction. Thomas designed the permeable paving and drainage system in line with LEED practices. He was also responsible for the complete design of the structural timber components for the entire complex as well as the framing and brick facade.


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